8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I was at your Morton dance last night, that was a wonderful dance. I picked up some really good tips from you, can’t wait to see you in Nov. at callers sem. You are a GREAT caller, I really enjoyed myself at your dance. I have 3 caller idols now, you, Jerry, and Tony .

  2. Noah, thanks for the great night of entertainment and the wonderful video you made of the party.
    Hope to see you soon.

    Ruth Treisman

  3. Noah, what a thrill to meet you and your beautiful family! FunDancers had a blast dancing last night! You are amazing and we are excited to dance with you next year again! Stay safe and blessed!

  4. Noah, Danced to you in Minnesota at South Metro Stars. We spoke about the possibility of you calling for our camping club. You do not camp but said you would be willing to look at dates. The dates we have available would be Aug 16-17.2019. Friday night Saturday morning W/S. and Saturday evening. It,s in St. Peter. We also need a caller for our Christmas party held the 1st Saturday in December here in the cities. That date would be Dec 7th the dance is in the evening at a local church and is attended by many of the dancers here in the cities. We have a potluck prior to the dance. Let me know if either of these dates work for you. Many of our members were at that dance and enjoyed dancing to you. We are putting together the book for next year and want to have the names of the callers scheduled for the 2019 season listed. Let me know as soon as you can. Look forward to hearing back from you. Lynn Webster. President Wandering Wheels

  5. Noah did ya make it home from Joplin,Mo ok Pal , good to see you and get a chance to visit with you and your brother at the dance ,hope to see ya again sometime .
    John Eubanks – Joplin,Mo

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