Events Schedule


March 8th- Private Event, Lake Geneva, WI

March 17th- Private Event, Madison, WI

March 22nd-24th- Bakersfield Fiesta, Bakersfield, CA.

March 30th- Spring City Squares, Waukesha, WI


April 6th- Private Event, Oconomowoc WI

April 12th- Private Event, Milwaukee WI

April 26th-27th- North Dakota State Square Dance Convention, Grand Forks, ND.


May 4th- Spring City Squares w/ Lincoln and Jed Siegmann! Waukesha WI

May 17th- Private Event, Kenosha WI

June 1st- Northwest Grand Squares, Johnsburg, IL

June 2nd- Diamond Squares, Deforest, WI


4 thoughts on “Events Schedule

  1. Great dance in Joplin you and Brother did pal ,keep up the good work hope to see ya down this way again sometime .
    John Eubanks

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